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Depening on your needs the process will vary, but in general below is the overall process we use for creating a website.

PLANNING: In this free consultation (via Zoom or Skype) we will discover and establish client objectives, expectations and limitations and define the project timeline, responsibilities and payment for the project.

DESIGN: Secure web availability (website name), creation of the website content and define the client's brand through web templates, typefaces, color, photography, graphic design and the logo.

DEVELOPMENT: Purchase domain name (website name), code, milestone & feedback sessions and approval of web design.

LAUNCH: Educate client on the internal workings of the website such as passwords, adding content and/or user management. Client will have a time to play and test before approving to go live.

MAINTENANCE: If you have any other needs or updates that need to be done, we will happily support.

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